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what should I do with my life

What should I do with my life

At 22 years old, I still asked myself what should I do with my life. Everyone around me seemed so determined and focused on their specific purpose yet I couldn’t find my own. I spent countless hours on career aptitude tests such as this and this. I even stumbled upon Nothing seemed to help […]

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best new budget laptops for college students in 2017

Here is a list of the 5 best new budget laptops for college students in 2017

1. Is price the ultimate criteria? With so many laptops on the market it is hard to choose a method to filter the best new budget laptops for college students in 2017. The most obvious criteria that comes to mind is price. While it shouldn’t be the only thing to consider, it remains the most […]

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5 Popular Study Methods to Try

Which popular study methods should you choose? Which are the best study methods? How is any student supposed to know what exactly to do with any given subject? Quite often the word studying is thrown around without much additional explanation. We hear our parents and professors tell us things such as “You have to study […]

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3 Ways to increase your reading speed and comprehension

Use these 3 tips to  boost your reading speed but also maintain your reading comprehension For part 1 on increasing your reading speed click here. Before you attempt to increase your reading speed you have to understand that there are limits on how quickly you can perceive information. This means that no matter how rapidly […]

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keep studying all day

How to keep studying all day

Is it possible to keep studying all day? Imagine you had to keep studying for six hours straight for a test/examination, project etc. and already your whole day looks bleak. You are stuck studying all day and you can do pretty much nothing else. To make matters worse your six hour study session does not […]

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Tips on preparing for final exams

How to prepare for final exams efficiently? So it’s that time again…the time you hoped would not come so quickly. You have only a short time to prepare for your final exams and the situation seems dismal. Don’t lose hope because we have you covered! The very first thing to do is accept you have […]

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Read faster while retaining information

Let’s see how you can read faster and absorb information (Part 1) After we discussed how to speed read effectively and covered the basics of speed reading it is time look at the issue from another angle. The question is can you read quickly while still retaining what you’ve read? After all, the goal here is not […]

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Learn a new language from scratch

The first steps to learning a new language So you have decided which language you wish to learn? That is great news but how do you go about actually learning a new language from scratch? Should you focus on grammar or vocabulary? Is learning words and phrases by heart the first thing to do? In general, […]

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develop study habits

Study habits for any student

Learn how to develop study habits Whether you are in high school or college, it is vital to develop study habits. These help you throughout your academic career because they make studying a lot less daunting. If you have found this article as a result of your question ‘How do I form study habits?’ it […]

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Balancing a full-time job and college

Is it possible to balance a full time job and college?   If you are determined to do this the very first thing to do is mentally prepare yourself for it. You have to visualize the duration of that commitment and fully understand what you are getting into or else you will be physically and […]

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